Ps. 110:1. Lk. 10:19, Gal. 6:9, Psa. 118:15


We welcome you to Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Minnesota HQ – The Citadel Of Solutions & Deliverance.

May God bless you richly this day! We are glad you are here today. We thank God for your life.
We pray that the Lord will make His purpose for your life manifest in Jesus name.
You can contact our Church pastor to learn more about us.

Our doors are always open to you, contact us anytime for your questions, prayer requests, or more information
about the salvation of your soul


OUR MISSION: To change lives of men by making them to discover themselves, bringing them closer to God, encouraging them to become men of integrity, who will make significant and beneficial impact in the lives of their children, spouses, and families, in the society and in all facets of life. The mission seeks to see Christian men financially and economically buoyant, putting them at the center of the economy and bringing dignity to the family.
The mission seeks to empower men to cause changes in their lives, families, household of God and in the society. It seeks to empower men that will
live impactful lives.


The Bible says in Obadiah 1:17 “But upon Mount Zion shall be [deliverance], and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possession.”

If the Lord has laid it in your heart to participate in a Deliverance Program, use the form below to sign up online now. Watch out for deliverance schedules on this page.

In order to achieve the greatest benefit from the Deliverance and take full advantage of it, there are rules and regulations that need to be strictly adhered to during ALL Deliverance Programs. Please us @ 763-321-6960 to learn more. God bless you.


MOUNTAIN OF FIRE AND MIRACLES MINISTRIES, Region 6 Headquarters, Minnesota is always happy to hear from you. Whether to become a new member, or if you require a deliverance or maybe you just want someone to pray for your specific issue related request, we will be glad to hear from you and it will be our pleasure to be of a great service to you and your family. You can contact us via the postal address below or Just fill out the simple form below and someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Call Us @ 763-321-6960
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